Design & Manage

“The leader leads” – Theodore Roosevelt



Flexible design together with professional project management equals the key to success.

Some clients will not know who will be their builder of choice. Others may have an ongoing relationship with a builder. Beacon offers the Design & Manage service precisely for these situations

Beacon will take the the benefits of in-house design and add efficiency and savings through the professional project management process. We are happy to work with you and your builder to make your project less stressful and more successful.

Major Benefits:

  • Efficient, co-ordinated design, based always on the budget and design brief.
  • High probability of project success.
  • Huge benefits of cost planning and other project management processes.
  • Project specified in detail - avoids problems from differing client / builder expectations.
  • Minimised change orders.
  • Collaborative team approach.
  • Allows the builder to do what he’s good at  - Build.
  • Minimises disputes and conflict.

* Beacon will calculate a fee based on a guaranteed maximum price - no more nasty surprises.